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Think Before I Move

There is a lot that has happened over the course of the 10 months that I have been in Moldova that has not been documented in this blog. Some of those events have led me to the decision to move out of my Host Mom’s house and explore other housing options. The process for moving consists of:

  1. Telling the Director of the School, partners, and anyone else that can help me that I am looking to move.
  2. Visiting the houses to ensure they meet all of the Peace Corps requirements. This includes taking pictures of the house.
  3. Completing the necessary forms, sending them to Peace Corps, paying my current Host Mom one last time and then moving into my new place!

Currently, I am still on step 1. So after two weeks of communicating to the School Director that I want to move, I thought by now she’d have SOME idea of what my options are. The truth is, I’m anxious to have my own space, cook my own food, and not have to worry about interacting with others when I really don’t want to. I suppose there is a part of me that is an introvert. Ironic I know, but hey, it could happen to anyone (said in my Carlon Burt Voice).

A little frustrated that I had yet to hear anything from the director, I had a meeting with her today regarding my options. Here is how the conversation went:

Me: Ms. Lidia, have you found other places for me to live?

Director: I wanted to verify something with you first. (Serious look on her face) You want to live in the same garden as another family correct? Not alone in another house…Right? You want a Casa Mica?

(For those that don’t know, a casa mica is a smaller house that is close to the main house that is used for a variety of things: gatherings, storage, housing guests, or for their adult children to live in etc… It is within the same gated area of the main house where the family lives.)

Me: It doesn’t matter. I just want to move, and I don’t want something very big. It’ll cost too much to heat during the witner.

Director: I agree. Here is what I think Laquia, I think we should ONLY look for places were you can live in the same garden with the family.

Me: Why is that?

Director: Because I am afraid for you to live by yourself. I mean, I cannot guarantee your safety if you don’t have the support of another family. I will worry about you and what can happen.

Me: (Hesitant) I think you know best Ms. Lidia.

Director: GREAT! I will have options for you this week!

After having that conversation with the director, waves of worry slammed into me and my mind went into overdrive.  Does she know something I don’t know about my safety in Mereni? Has she heard things? Have people said things? Are there warning signs that I have missed given the language barrier, etc…?

That’s when I realized that as independent as I want to be, I am still in a FOREIGN country. I don’t always know what is going on or what is best for me. Thus, I am forced to depend on others to be cautious for me, when I become the stupid American girl who just wants what she wants regardless of what anyone else thinks. The truth of the matter is, people always watch me and stare and document everything that I do. However, I don’t know WHAT people? I don’t know what families they come from, or how much they know, or what their thoughts/intentions are.

My entire life, people have told me to think before doing things. Think before you speak, Laquia. Think before you do that, Laquia. Know what you are doing before you do it, Laquia. Where I live for the next 17 months can determine my health, my productivity and my safety.

Consequently, I must slow down, be patient, and think before I move.

That is all.



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