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Yesterday, I sat in my creative poetry class and listened to my accomplished yet cankerous professor, verbally murder Generation Y, as only he could. As a generation, he accused us of being APATHETIC, unaware of the challenges of our time, UNWILLING to SELF-EDUCATE, and disinterested in expanding our psyche.

In so many words, Generation Y doesn’t care about anything but mass consumption, because technology has debilitated our minds to a point where we are rarely useful to anyone or anything.We will forever pale in comparison to the poets, activists, essayists and leaders of the 60’s.

I realize everyone is entitled to their own opinion…but comments such as the aforementioned leave me asking:


The popularity of programs such as Teach for America and Peace Corps, where people are granted the opportunity to serve and make a difference, is on the rise with Gen Y. Our technology brilliantly disseminates information faster than any archaic newspaper or radio EVER could. In fact, our technology has helped us uncover more lies, display more truths and EMPOWER the voice of the masses, while weakening the influence of a privileged few.

And who says we’re apathetic? Just this month, I picked up the latest copy of GLAMOUR magazine, after getting the scoop on the latest fashion trends and celebrity gossip, and read how two YOUNG Americans (30 and 22) dedicated their lives to serving orphanages in Haiti. These girls helped find homes for 57  Haitan orphans after the earthquake hit. With countless amnesty groups and other student movements, it is clear that generation y is not only AWARE we are willing to actually DO something!

My point is that as a generation we do not have a LACK of concern, there is just WAY more to be concerned about. Back in the 60’s everyone united for the same causes under a few leaders. Therefore, their activism was always noticed. Now days, there is so much to fight for, who can determine what is most important? We are inherently fragmented by our desire to change the world. As the human race progresses, the world becomes more and more complex. Leaving us to ask ourselves:  where do I start?

Let me make it clear, I don’t believe Generation Y is superior nor inferior to any other generation. I do believe the world is vastly different from what it used to be.

Therefore,  comparing our behaviors, beliefs, and actions to our parents and grandparents generations is like sending our troops to Iraq and Afghanistan…Not a good idea to begin with.

I’m hopping off my soap box now…would love to hear what you people think!



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El Yunque Rainforest in the background!

The streets of San Juan! It was something out of a movie!

This is a view of a historical cemetery and the more dangerous part of San Juan called La Pearla. We weren’t supposed to go that close but I couldn’t help myself. I like adventures!!!!

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