Goodbyes Are Hard…

I’ve said more goodbyes in the last two weeks than I care to admit. None of them were terminal, but still, it’s tough to part ways knowing it will be at least two years before you ever see the people you love again.  Graduation was really exciting, because my friends are ROCK STARS and we all have AMAZING futures to look forward too!!! Knowing that we won’t have each other there to share every moment with as we had for the last four years turned me into a CRYBABY!!!! While I am glad that undergrad is over, I will definitely miss my “favorite friends”.

Although saying “goodbye” to friends is hard, saying goodbye to family can be even harder. I spent all of last week visiting my extended family in Canton, Ohio. I really enjoyed spending time with everyone, but I can’t deny my biggest fear is that someone will fall ill or something bad will happen and I won’t be there. Is it odd that I’m not as concerned about missing “happy” moments?

I do  feel guilty for not being able to check in on my little cousins the way I have in the past, or not being accessible to my little sister as she goes through her tumultuous high school years. I always make an effort to see my grandparents twice a year, but now I won’t see them for at least two years. All of it makes me a little emotional, but it helps to know that EVERYONE is supportive and HAPPY for me!

I have always had a strong support system comprised of people that know me, care about me, and really love me. Part of my comfort with taking risks comes from having a group of people that I know will pick up the pieces if ever anything should fall apart. Now, an ocean will separate us.

Being a Peace Corp volunteer is not supposed to be easy. I’ve known all along that sacrifices will be made, but I also believe that this experience will be worth every sacrifice I will make. So, I will continue to smile through my tears, as I say goodbye to the people I love.


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  1. Hey,
    Your friend Tdharper, suggested that I look you up. I’m also Black, going to Macedonia in September. I was nervous about the whole Eastern Europe thing too but God’s plans are what they are. Good luck in Moldova and I hope you’re pleasantly surprised by what you learn and the impact that you make.

    P.S What are you going to do about your hair?


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