After Receiving the Invite… It Doesn’t STOP!

I used to think that waiting for my invitation would be the worst part…Turns out the preparation stage is no cakewalk either! From the moment my invite was in the mailbox,  I have been inundated with information! Under normal circumstance this would be a  great thing, but for a Type A that needs to review EVERYSINGLEWORD. It all becomes slightly catastrophic.

Aside from the Welcome Kit, there is a secret Facebook Group (maybe not so secret now?) that is invite only. The invitees can ask any question we want about Moldova and current volunteers will answer them!  However, within this FB Group there are AT LEAST 5 different discussions going on at once. Not to mention  the periodic emails from the Moldova Mentor Group, the online documents we are expected to review, and finally, the fun facts about Moldova that are emailed weekly.

It really is a sick amount of information. Let me just say that I am ever so grateful that PC cares enough to keep us informed, but managing all of this while finishing up the last few weeks of my undergraduate career AND working two jobs, nearly TOOK ME OUT!

Now that everything is settling down and graduation is in a week, I have decided to commit at least one hour a day to learning the basics of Romanian. Although volunteers aren’t expected to know anything upon arrival, I would like to be able to ask my host family where the restroom is without playing charades. According to the secret FB Group, the restroom is really an OUTHOUSE.

A Moldovan OutHouse...Pray for me!

So if they don’t understand me, maybe I’ll just go outside and roam around until I smell something fowl. And I’m not kidding…I really do hate charades.



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2 responses to “After Receiving the Invite… It Doesn’t STOP!

  1. Haha I’ve been trying to learn a little Romanian before we go. According to the program I have (which is called Byki and it has a free version that’s actually pretty extensive) I know like 200 words but I doubt that I could actually produce them on the spot when I actually need them. I also doubt that anyone in Moldova would be able to understand me pronunciation anyway, lol. But I’m trying too! We can bounce words off each other at staging 🙂

  2. Yeah, we definitely need to practice during staging! You already know 200 words? I’ll have to check out that program. Is it online?

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