Answering The Call…

Okay…I’m going to be completely honest. Nothing thus far in my life has compared to the excitement I felt when I received my Peace Corps invitation. After having waited for nearly a year it was all finally happening:

Moldova!!!! June 8th!!! And so it is written….

But, after the excitement dies down, the squealing ceases, and the muscles in your face relax. You find solace in a quiet place where you can repeat the words over and over again…only this time, there is very little excitement. It feels more like:

Moldova? June 8th??? IS THIS REALLY WRITTEN????

Or maybe you won’t have that reaction. But I must admit I experienced a wave of DOUBT. Am I supposed to say that this early on? hmmmm. Instantaneously I began researching Moldova. The more I learned the less I wanted to go. Not because it didn’t seem interesting, but because it wasn’t what I had conceptualized at the beginning of this process. I thought I was going to Ghana or Cameroon and now I’m being sentenced to a country I’ve never even heard of. I mean really…WHO HAS HEARD OF MOLDOVA? I went from excited to PISSED. So pissed I stayed awake all night contemplating what I was going to do.

So I did something very bold…I called up my PO and asked if this was the ONLY place I could go…she said YES. Unfortunately, Moldova is the ONLY country leaving in 2010 that can accommodate me medically.

I should have been upset…but for some reason relief flew through me and as quickly as the disgruntlement came, so it went.

Moldova is my only option. I can like it or I can leave it, and there is NO WAY that I am leaving it. I’ve been chasing this experience for so long that I refuse to walk away. I may not get to choose, but it’s as if I have been chosen. I don’t know how any of you feel about religion but there is a saying that goes something like:

If you want to make the Lord laugh tell him what your plans are.

In this case, Jesus is rolling on the floor HOLLERING with tears falling down his eyes!

And now, I am actually feeling good about Moldavo and the adventures up ahead! All those doubts I had, probably won’t resurface until it’s time to get on the plane. YIKES!

For those of you still WAITING…I hope you are happy wherever you end up. And I will be checking in!

After all, Life Is Calling…And I hope we all answer PRESENT!!!!!!!!!



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5 responses to “Answering The Call…

  1. Ellen Rhudy

    i felt similarly when receiving my invite for macedonia (a country i’d never even HEARD of) after months of researching kazakhstan. knowing that it was my only option because of med clearance made me feel grateful more than anything that pc moved me around, though. enjoy moldova, and expect another crushing wave of doubt to hit a day or two before departure..!

    • Thank you for letting me know that! After time has passed, I definitely feel grateful to be accepted by Moldova. It’s going to be an enriching experience no matter what.

  2. Laquia, I’m sure you will love Moldova! I love your little saying, I believe too that everything happens for a reason and I think it all just means you were meant to be there and maybe you won’t realize why until you are there.
    Also if it helps, fellow applicant Amanda posted recently: “it is more than likely I was going to receive an invite to Moldova. If that was the case it would have been pretty ironic since even though I have wanted to join the Peace Corps since 8th grade, I KNEW I was going to apply when I met a girl who was serving in Moldova when I was backpacking in the summer of ’08. ”

    It’s going to be such an awesome adventure for you to go somewhere you never even heard of! Very exciting, and aren’t you the extremist after all? 🙂

    • I completely agree! I definitely had to step back and adjust my attitude and remember why I wanted to do this anyway. I’m actually getting really excited about this unknown place!!! Now…we are waiting to here about you!!!!

      • Also, after I said that, I went on to say that before that I had never heard of Moldova so you are not alone in that regard. The girl I met had never heard of it either.

        Anywho the girl told me that she was less than thrilled about her assignment because she really wanted to go to Africa but she had fallen in love with Moldova and the people were really great. Also she mentioned it has a great positioning for traveling during her breaks; added bonus!

        Either way having a moment of doubt about such an unknown place is def understandable but I am glad it has passed for you and you are now so excited! You are going to have a great time!

        Switzerland isn’t too far away and if you have never been you should go to Interlaken, Switzerland which is one of the extreme sports capitals of the world. I went sky diving there and loved it. You can pretty much sign up for any extreme sport you can think of depending on what season it is. Just something to think of!

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